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Beck Black in Gold Leaf

“At times her moody blues evoke the Doors at their strangest, or perhaps a more gothic Nico, wrapped up in a web of eerily spidery harpsichord lines. At other times, [they] kick out the jams with a punk-rock intensity".

~ LA Weekly

“Beck Black is a mesmerizing singer, throwing in glorious whoops and shrieks between a deadpan croon. She is both passionate and punk-cynical. All eyes are on her, and she doesn't disappoint"

~ Music Connection

“Infectious... slick and sexy”

~ Artist Direct

Beck Black is a singer, song writer, producer, & multi-instrumentalist. 

Since emerging at SXSW 2014’s Music Saves Lives, Beck Black has taken no prisoners. Fronting the band with her killer dark vocals, Ms. Black dominates the stage alongside Adam Alt (Street Drum Corp) and Mo Mattaquin. Together they blaze with Rock & Roll’s purest fire. They’ve circulated through Los Angeles’s iconic venues such as the Troubadour, The Roxy, The Echo, Whisky a Go Go, The Viper Room, and The Satellite (formerly SpaceLand), aligning themselves with music’s most true and historic, amplifying their sound with the very soul of Rock. For the alternative bluesy pop punk band, there is no such thing as a simmer: every beat of the drum is fiercely pounded, every guitar string electrified, and with the power of her vocals, Ms. Black herself channels the dynamic energy into eruption.

Though their live sets have made them legendary, their recorded music is no stranger to acclaim. The singles "Who's Gonna Save Rock n Roll" (featuring Ringo Starr on drums), "Another Dimension", "American Mister", "Talk To Me", "Life’s a Circus” "Vampires Come Out at Nite", "Red Dog", "You're Never Gonna Stop Me" and “Rock On" receive air play by radio stations from Sirius XM, KROQ, KCRW, KLOS in Los Angeles to Australia, reaching as far as Tokyo, UK, South Africa, South America, and Canada. The eagerly anticipated album "Hollywood Blvd" (mastered by Grammy award winner, Brian Lucey) was released in 2023.

Beck Black seethes with the dramatic influence of classic Souxie and the Banshees, with a stark twist of David Bowie. Beck Black embodies her own signature style: timeless, electric, and fierce. Called “The Doors at their strangest” by LA Weekly, Beck Black marries their intense, sexy sound with an aesthetic presence as savage as their music. Thereby presenting a rare full bodied artistry signifying them as enduring performers who resonate with the power of Rock and Roll’s great past, and the legacy they are creating that’s still to come.

Beck Black Band
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